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#CompetitionTalks Interview Series: Prof. Justus Haucap on Data as a Currency, Data Protection as a Competition Issue and Enforcement in Digital Markets

A while back we started our #CompetitionTalks interview series giving a place for competition policy experts to express their views on today’s hotly debated topics. In the second part of our series, we are proud to present to you Prof. Justus Haucap who heads the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) and who is the former Chairman of the German Monopolies Commission. We had the pleasure of interviewing Justus at the fringes of CCIA’s competition conference organized together the Lexxion and the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels. An economist by training, Justus gives his opinion on how well the current competition law framework works in digital markets and explains why the analogy of consumers ‘paying’ with their data is a bad one. Last but certainly not least, he clarifies why data protection and competition law enforcement don’t mix well.


Some, if not all of society’s most useful innovations are the byproduct of competition. In fact, although it may sound counterintuitive, innovation often flourishes when an incumbent is threatened by a new entrant because the threat of losing users to the competition drives product improvement. The Internet and the products and companies it has enabled are no exception; companies need to constantly stay on their toes, as the next startup is ready to knock them down with a better product.

European Union

DisCo is dedicated to examining technology and policy at a global scale.  Developments in the European Union play a considerable role in shaping both European and global technology markets.  EU regulations related to copyright, competition, privacy, innovation, and trade all affect the international development of technology and tech markets.