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Tech Talk at the Antitrust Spring Meeting

This week, Washington, DC will host the 67th Annual ABA Section of Antitrust Law, Spring Meeting — the preeminent forum for competition and consumer protection law professionals in the world.

The Spring Meeting brings together more than 3,300 practitioners from 65 countries, hosting over 65 panels on cutting-edge developments in antitrust jurisprudence and policy.  Networking opportunities abound — the welcome reception, fireside chats, the Spring luncheon, and other social events allow attendees to connect with new and long-time colleagues alike.

Sessions focused on the digital economy continue to take center stage as many of this year’s most high-profile antitrust debates have centered on the application of antitrust law to the technology industry and its innovations.

Once again, we have compiled a list of must-attend tech-related sessions, happy hours, and dinners that dial into these debates and take full advantage of the Spring Meeting.

Tawanna Lee is a 2L at The George Washington University Law School and Legal Intern at CCIA.  Follow her on Twitter at @TawannaLee.


Some, if not all of society’s most useful innovations are the byproduct of competition. In fact, although it may sound counterintuitive, innovation often flourishes when an incumbent is threatened by a new entrant because the threat of losing users to the competition drives product improvement. The Internet and the products and companies it has enabled are no exception; companies need to constantly stay on their toes, as the next startup is ready to knock them down with a better product.