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DisCo Policy Forum Keynote – Chet Kanojia (5 of 5)


This post is part of the Disruptive Competition Policy Forum recap series.

Details below.

The event ended with a keynote from Chet Kanojia, Founder and CEO of Aereo.  Kanojia made some important insights on disruption and innovation, and put Aereo’s legal battle in context, which is about the principles in the Cablevision case and the future of cloud computing.  He explained that this litigation is much bigger than just Aereo; it’s fundamentally about control of the cloud, which is revolutionizing technology.  Kanojia said that those who are attacking Aereo are using Aereo as a proxy for all of the cloud innovation enabled by Cablevision.

This is particularly timely, as today, briefs were filed in support of Aereo in the Supreme Court.  CCIA and Mozilla’s brief is available here.

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The Internet enables the free exchange of ideas and content that, in turn, promote creativity, commerce, and innovation. However, a balanced approach to copyright, trademarks, and patents is critical to this creative and entrepreneurial spirit the Internet has fostered. Consequently, it is our belief that the intellectual property system should encourage innovation, while not impeding new business models and open-source developments.