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DisCo Policy Forum Panel – Planning our Data Future: Privacy and Innovation in the 21st Century (3 of 5)


This post is part of the Disruptive Competition Policy Forum recap series.

Details below.

Our second panel focused on privacy and focused on two major themes: the incredible benefits that come from gathering and analyzing information about the world around us, and the steps that companies are taking to make sure that users are protected. John Boswell of SAS walked the audience through some of the interesting ways in which SAS helps businesses and governments deliver better services to their users and customers through tackling the data they produce. Josh Galper of gave a more “personal” look at uses of privacy, taking the point of view of individual users and talking about how helps those users manage the data they create. Adam Thierer of the Mercatus Center took a look at the regulatory structures surrounding data use and advocated for humility on the part of regulators so as not to hamper the beneficial flow of data around the world.


Ross Schulman (moderator) – Public Policy & Regulatory Counsel, CCIA

John Boswell, SVP – Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, SAS

Josh Galper – Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel, Personal, Inc.

Adam Thierer – Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center


Trust in the integrity and security of the Internet and associated products and services is essential to its success as a platform for digital communication and commerce. For this reason we’re committed to upholding and advocating for policymaking that empowers consumers to make informed choices in the marketplace while not impeding new business models.