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#CompetitionTalks: Starting our Expert Opinion Series on Competition Policy in Digital Markets

How well do current competition rules work in digital markets? How easy or difficult is it to apply established competition law concepts in multi-sided markets? What should we make of relevant cases? Should competition enforcement absorb ever more public policy objectives?

These are just some of the questions that are currently being discussed by the competition policy community around the world. To shed some light on these issues, we are excited to announce the start of our #CompetitionTalks series with competition policy experts.

For the beginning, we are proud to present to you interviews with Professor Pinar Akman from Leeds University, Alfonso Lamadrid de Pablo from law firm Garrigues as well as Pablo Colomo Ibáñez, Professor at the London School of Economics. (Some might say that our friends Alfonso and Pablo are better known for running the Chillin’Competition blog!)

Here you can check out what Alfonso has to say about the “powerful hammer of competition law” and about concepts such as “multi-sidedness”:

Below Pinar offers her thoughts on what competition law can, or rather cannot, solve and her opinion on the major development of this summer: the Commission’s Decision in the Google Shopping case. [Disclaimer: Pinar has conducted research that was commissioned by Google on the Google Search (Shopping) case. All views expressed are her own.]:

Last, but certainly not least, have a look at what Pablo has to say about competition law’s need to change (if there is one) as well as people’s “imaginative activity” in competition policy debates:

We look forward to future exciting interviews and in the meantime do not hesitate to follow our #CompetitionTalks series on Twitter.

European Union

DisCo is dedicated to examining technology and policy at a global scale.  Developments in the European Union play a considerable role in shaping both European and global technology markets.  EU regulations related to copyright, competition, privacy, innovation, and trade all affect the international development of technology and tech markets.